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Niessen- Boucherie, Traiteur, Mariage
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L-9905 Troisvierges
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When Alfred and Maria Niessen opened their butcher's shop in the village center of Ulflingen in 1982, no one suspected that the Boucherie-Traiteur Niessen had become a nationwide term for high-quality food. Since 2006, the company has been managed by their two sons, Patrick and Jean-Marie. Patrick is a trained chef and caterer while Jean-Marie learned the butcher's trade. The two therefore complement each other perfectly. They can organize events and associated catering for groups of two to four thousand guests. The in-house event managers discuss with the customer on site how the event should run and the catering team take care of everything else. The range of possibilities extends from a birthday party to an inauguration party or from a company party to a wedding. The places where the receptions are to take place set the framework.

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