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Passion for vintage

Let’s travel in time.line

A wedding starts and ends with transportation. How about making your special day even more unforgetable ? How ? With the historical vehicles Oldtimerbus. Our vintage vehicles are the perfect getaway solution for you and for your guests. And let us not forget about the cinematographic shots your photographer will take while we drive you towards the sunset to your new life ! From the most classic and famous vintage cars to less known models, our vintage collection of vehicles will amaze you. We are eager to share our passion for vintage vehicles and help you make your special day perfect. To the smallest detail, we will next to you along this journey.

Indulge yourself in a vintage dream and travel in time with Oldtimerbus.


Informations and bookings : +352 2600 2027 | | Whatsapp / Telegram : +352 661 179 900

Where to find us

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